MetaDerm Psoriasis Natural Soothing Spray (4 oz.)

MetaDerm Psoriasis Natural Soothing Spray (4 oz.)

MetaDerm Psoriasis Natural Soothing Spray

– All natural herbal formulation
– Non-steroidal
– Safe, effective, and gentle

MetaDerm’s micronutrients provide skin with the building blocks necessary to repair and regain skin health.
MetaDerm’s bioceutical formulation is a combination of botanical extracts derived from medicinal herbs.
MetaDerm contains no fragrances, no dyes, and no parabens.

MetaDerm Natural Science
Haus Bioceuticals developed MetaDerm using rigorous clinical and scientific studies (see below).
Clinical studies demonstrated that MetaDerm’s micronutrients help skin regain health when used as directed.
The level of skin health regained in patients treated with MetaDerm was higher than reported with comparable published clinical trials.
Optimal results were observed after 12-weeks.

How to Use
Apply to affected areas twice daily or as needed. Use continuously for at least 12 weeks for optimal benefit. To maintain results, use daily as part of your normal skin care routine.

What is Eczema?
Eczema symptoms include dry, cracked, itchy, and reddened skin. Commonly patients report eczema on the face and hand eczema is also frequent. There is no known eczema cure and the cause of eczema is not fully understood. Mild eczema and eczema baby treatments include eczema lotions, creams for eczema, and natural eczema remedies.

Clinical Research
American Academy of Dermatology Summer 2011 Meeting, Poster P702
American Academy of Dermatology 2013 Meeting, Poster 6923

  • Clinically proven to restore skin health
  • Doctor recommended
  • Steroid-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, no dyes
  • Relieves dry itchy skin

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Have We Created An Antibiotic-Resistant Plague?

The numbers are frightening, and rising quickly. The issue is affecting livestock, and is now being implicated in the deaths of humans as well. Everything from cancer to liver disease is being traced back to this, and the number of infected patients jumped 50% in the last year.

The culprit? Antibiotic-resistant bacteria Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase (ESBL).

Health officials in Denmark claim that ESBL is killing both people and livestock, especially pigs, in that country. And its spread comes, ironically, from an increase in the use of antibiotics to treat livestock. They say that the bacteria can be transmitted from pigs to humans, where it is resistant to the most effective antibiotics on the market.

Understanding ESBLs

First, an explanation of the science behind this issue might be helpful to understanding the implications. Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases (ESBLs) are actually enzymes, which are produced by certain types of bacteria. Once these enzymes are formed, it makes the mutated bacteria resistant to the antibiotics that are frequently used to kill them.

The phenomenon is not entirely new. These mutant strains of bacteria have been found in hospitals in the Klebsiella species. Hospital staff have been aware of the dangers since around 1985. Since they mostly seemed to occur in enclosed settings like intensive care units, there was generally no need for widespread alarm.

All that has now changed, with the discovery of a new class of ESBL called CTX-M enzymes. This emerging strain is now being seen quite frequently in E.Coli bacteria, including urinary tract infections. Alarmingly, they are resistant to the most common forms of treatment.

And the news continues to get more unsettling, as other species of bacteria like Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa are now producing ESBLs as well.

A Threat Bigger Than Aids?

The Journal of the American Medical Association conducted a thorough study of the issue and published their findings in October of 2007. According to that study, invasive methicilin-resistants MRSAs let to more than 18,600 deaths in the US in 2005 alone. Compare that to the 17,000 US patients who died from AIDS.

Clearly, this man-made crisis is significant enough to cause widespread concern in the medical community. The results from this study made the national news, helped in part with a rash of infectious bacterial outbreaks in several schools.

Where Is It Coming From?

While health practitioners have emphasized hygiene and hand-washing as a key to halting the spread of these infections, the larger question remains. Why are we seeing so many mutant forms of anti-biotic resistant bacteria?

Many blame the over-use of antibiotics in raising livestock. Both MRSA and ESBL are being traced back to animals raised for food production, especially pigs.

Certainly antibiotics have their place in agriculture, treating a variety of formerly devastating diseases. Yet modern practices have thrown the cycle out of balance. In an effort to raise larger, healthier animals, livestock is often given low doses of antibiotics on a daily basis. This happens whether they are sick or not, and is aimed at preventing diseases.

And while this practice results in larger (usually 4-5% larger) animals at the time of slaughter, it has a cost to the consumer. Feeding these continuous low doses of antibiotics provides the perfect breeding ground for antibiotic resistance to take hold.

And it’s not just the people who eat the meat who are at risk. Denmark health officials are seeing farmers and large animal vets becoming infected with these mutant strains of antibiotics, simply by handling the animals and coming into contact with their waste products.

What’s the Answer?

The answers can be found in the space between science and politics. While the FDA has made some progress in banning some of the drugs thought to be responsible for this threat, the pharmaceutical companies are fighting back. It’s a huge market for them, and their studies do show larger, healthier animals from the use of these drugs.

Other studies have shown alarming rates of mutant infections in chickens and other livestock. Even non-meat products like produce have been shown to transfer antibiotics through their leaves and tissues when fertilized with antibiotic contaminated fertilizers.

To protect yourself and your family, you do have some options. If you aren’t growing your own antibiotic-free food, find a local co-op or farm that does. Buying locally is a great way to save on energy costs too, and support your local economy. If you live in the city, find the local co-op and join. You may even be able to volunteer a few hours a week to help raise the food yourself. It’s a great way to know exactly where your food comes from.

Make sure the farms you frequent use non-toxic farming methods, and ask about their antibiotic policy. Grass fed and free range livestock generally do not need the high level of antibiotics that commercially-raised herds do.

According to Forrester Research, “health-related” products and information is by far the most sought after things anywhere online.

“Natural” is best, organic superior, and to learn how to undo the negative effects already suffered you need to visit

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Odorless Garlic & Parsley Supplements ★ High Potency Organic Garlic Pills For Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Heart Health & Immune Support ★ Allium Sativum & Allicin ★ GMP ★ USA Made ★ 100% Guaranteed

Odorless Garlic & Parsley Supplements ★ High Potency Organic Garlic Pills For Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Heart Health & Immune Support ★ Allium Sativum & Allicin ★ GMP ★ USA Made ★ 100% Guaranteed


Scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that Garlic has multiple positive effects and extreme benefits on your cardiovascular system and the heart itself.

Benefits of our Garlic & Parsley Formula:
1. Immune system booster
2. Decrease blood pressure
3. Lower LDL cholesterol
4. Balance lipoprotein levels
5. Inhibit microbial growth due to the ingredient called Allicin
6. Parsley provides almost three times more vitamin c than an orange
7. Rich with antioxidant properties
8. Providing ultimate bio-availability and absorption

However, pure raw garlic may cause stomach upset and you can get garlic breath.

That’s why we recommend you to take this odorless garlic and parsley supplement for men and women that maintains all the benefits (antioxidant, cholesterol, cardiovascular support, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties) while removing all the discomforts and side effects of garlic.

The Parsley leaf in our supplement is also rich in essential nutrients, including potassium, manganese and calcium all which are very good for your health!

Made in USA in a top quality in FDA-registered & inspected, GMP-certified facility.


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  • ▶ GET THE BENEFITS OF GARLIC AND PARSLEY WITHOUT OFFENSIVE ODOR, HASSLE, BAD TASTE, DISCOMFORTS AND SIDE EFFECTS: Enteric coated tablets for easy swallowing and protection from stomach acid, maximum strength and maximum benefits. Potent Garlic and Parsley to Promote healthy blood circulation, lower cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular health – Potent and effective for women & men
  • ▶ ODORLESS GARLIC AND PARSLEY SUPPLEMENT WITH HEART-HEALTHY BENEFITS: Get maximum health potential when Allicin Supplement begin to promote healthy blood pressure levels, boost your immune system to prevent infection, lower the LDL cholesterol, decrease blood pressure and balance out lipoprotein levels. It also helps with digestion, and provides detox and cleanse abilities.
  • ▶ NON GMO PURE ORGANIC GARLIC PILLS WITH NO GARLIC BREATH FOR GARLIC LOVERS! Avoid Garlic Breath. Contains a highly concentrated source of Garlic, Parsley and Chlorophyll. Powerful antioxidant to detoxify the body, and boost energy for men, women and teens
  • ▶ COMMON NAMES FOR GARLIC AND PARSLEY: Many refer to Garlic as Garlicin, Camphor of the Poor, Stinking Rose or Allium Sativum. Parsley scientific name is Petroselinum Crispum. Many competitors sell garlic drops, garlic in liquid, powder or oil form, aged garlic extracts, odorless garlic supplements, and even garlic complex. Our formula contains garlic and parsley.
  • ▶ 100% NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Doctor certified and verified! 100 Softgels for 50-100 Days Treatment! Made in USA. No fillers or artificial ingredients. GMP certified facility. Non GMO. No risk. Extra Strength. Quick results! FDA certified lab.

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